Cast of Characters

Amethyst MatthewsAmethyst Matthews

Given a choice between saving the world through luck, wits and guts, or exploring lost civilizations where no one has been for thousands of year, Amy Matthews would rather read a book. In fact, she has read several books in which the world is saved through sheer luck, razor-sharp wits, and phenomenal courage, and in which long-lost civilizations are once again found. Most of these books she can recall with a stunning amount of detail.

Most of the time, Amy is a level-headed teenager, 16-years-old, who takes care of her younger brother with the maximum amount of complaining. She is not above performing a grand drama of emotion and arguing to get her way, but has had little success with such tactics against her pragmatic parents.

Bennett MatthewsBennett Matthews

Ben is never found sitting on the sidelines when something exciting is going on. He loves to be in the middle of it all, much to the chagrin of his parents and his sister. Ben lives for the action. If there is an open door, or an unexplored alleyway, he’s the first one through.

His impulsiveness has more than once gotten him into trouble. He is a great problem-solver, and tinkerer, but his quick decisions sometimes leave him wondering what he’s gotten himself into.

One special item of note: his pockets. Most boys have pants pockets or coat pockets, in which you may find some change, a candy wrappers, or perhaps some string. Ben, however, has a plethora of items stored away in his pockets. One never knows what he might pull out at any given moment, but it is usually something he can adapt to the occasion.

Mom & Dad MatthewsDr. & Dr. Matthews

These are the parents of Amy and Ben, Dr. Elliot Matthews (a professor of Applied Quantum Physics, and consultant to Theoretical Physics laboratories) and Dr. Sheryl Matthews (a professor of Mathematics). Better know to the children as Dad and Mom.

Dad tends to be the visionary, the one who is always seeking the greener grass and the higher ideals. Mom is the practical one, doling out love and discipline to her family with a fair hand. They both love their work, and get caught up in the excitement of pushing science to its theoretical limits.

Books by Derrick

Servants & Thieves

Wanderers in Time:
Book One

Servants & Thieves Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.

Prophets & Liars

Wanderers in Time:
Book Two

Prophets & Liars Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.

Conquerors & Kings

Wanderers in Time:
Book Three

Conquerors & Kings Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.


NaNoWriMo Results

Two years now, Derrick has participated in National Novel Writing Month, and completed the 50,000 words necessary to be a winner.

2009 Nano Winner   2011 Nano Winner