These are some of the print flyers, brochures, and other material I have designed for various positions. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of these files.

Sample Real Estate Flyer Sample Real Estate FlyerSample real estate flyer, printed full-bleed through an outside printing company, 100lb glossy paper.
Brochure for Septic Companies Tri-fold brochure as a joint venture for two companies who wanted to advertise to real estate offices about their services. Combined colors and styles from two businesses to create a cohesive whole.
Product Label (including Nutrition Facts) This label, created for the first product of this client, keeps the color scheme and sytle of her website (which I also designed). Nutrition facts and other key facts were included on the back of the package.


KJ Logo


Miscellaneous Logos

Calaveras Door of Hope

Fireplace Mockup Fireplace visualization help for client. Composited mockup from photos of actual materials, to scale.