These are some of the designs I have completed or am currently working on. Most have active links to the real site, except those in progress or removed by the client.

Sellick Construction Sellick Construction PumpCo
Sign Store Plus Sign Store Plus
My Pool Deals Shopping for pool supplies is the main focus of this basic shopping site. Flash animation and category buttons give it added pizazz.
Carol Olson, Realtor(r) Both whimsical and practical, is a Realtor(r) site with a little bit country, a little bit fun. Lots of information provided directly from the MLS through a dedicated IDX feed.
Thomas Quirk Photography This photography web site,, features rich Flash animation and a complete management system for the owners behind the scenes. Simple, yet elegant, it gave them just what they needed to show off their photography.
Yogurt Your Way Bright colors and fun design is perfect for this yogurt shop. Built on WordPress for easy updating by the client. Yogurt Your Way features slideshows and lots of fun information. Another custom template for a Content Managed System (Joomla), which allows the client of to update pictures and items on his own, and maintain the same high quality design in the process.
Angels Camp Branding For this site, Angels Camp Branding, we coordinated with the city's branding committee and style guide to produce an active and exciting design that could also be easily maintained by the city employees. Elements used in this site include flash animation, custom php search features, and blog-like article management.
Angels Camp The City of Angels needed a business-oriented web site that could handle their need to get information to the residents, as well as be easy to maintain. We designed this basic and budget friendly site at to meet their needs. Departments in the City of Angels also got their own page on the site.
Po Mo Thoin The site at was an idea to simply put the word out about a new line of wine. The striking and visually sparse look focuses the user on the attributes of the wine, and then directs users to the main winery site for more information. More of a web poster than a web site, the page does get the job done with style.
Tribble & Ayala A basic, custom site, with understated style to reflect the reliability and trustworthiness of the business. Tribble & Ayala CPAs also had us design their web logo. For this site,, we focused on the established theme of her book to design an attractive and colorful site. Featured recipes, an active blog, and a flexible structure for easy menu updates equaled one happy client. This client,, loved the colors and textures of Tuscany, and wanted a web site that reflected that. Combined with rich pictures, and an animated portion of the site, this site also features and a simple order form for wine. To highlight the fine-craftsmanship of local winemakers, this site, concentrated on a fine blend of colors and a large animation to attract viewers. Also featured on this site is an animated wine map to show participating wineries. Web 2.0 upgrades include a blog, a calendar of events, and a classifieds section. To show this client's committment to green energy solutions, we designed with a rich splash page, and text and graphics that reflect that theme. A simple product page, with check-out through PayPal, also features an embedded demo video. Clear and simple style emphasizes the ease of saving energy. Once again, faced with needing a site that they could update themselves, we designed a simple interface for this school at, and their site allows them the flexibility to add content and manage users on a wide scale. The result was another great design on a shoestring budget.
Foothill Community Church This redesigned site at Foothill Community Church features animated banners for announcements and full calendar integration for updated events. Easy to navigate and easy to update. This elegant style for focuses the viewer's attention on the most important part of the site, the wine. A wine order form vets all submitted orders, and allows for updates by the client.
Wanderers in Time is an author web site, allowing for easy updating through a blog format, including custom header/footer features, flash content, and multiple pages in addition to the blog.
Cool Cutter (Retired Design) This site features information about a fantastic new product, CryoYcix. We came up with a web-friendly name ("Cool Cutter") and built the web site around the logo, video content, and other required elements.
Build Homes Green (Retired Design) With green construction, and energy efficiency on everyone's mind, this design reflects the client's committment to helping his customers. Testimonials, lots of pictures, and plenty of video keep visitors involved with learning all about the client's services.
Angels Camp Mercantile (Retired Design) This site is under construction, but showcases how our team works with other artists and designers (in this case, the client) to reflect a unified theme. (Retired Design) With a distinctive logo and a clear mission, this client needed a site to convey the "green" concept of energy-saving solutions. This site features curving lines and a simple color palette to add visual interest and compement the pre-existing logo.

The power of a good mockup...we sometimes design several samples for our clients to choose from, although we often get it right the first time!

Chiarella Mockup 1  Chiarella Mockup 2  Chiarella Mockup 3
Angels Camp Mockup 1  Angels Camp Mockup 2  Angels Camp Mockup 3


We also put quite a bit of thought into our web site colors, and generate swatches for our clients to approve, especially if that design is heavily dependent upon a particular mood.

swatch 1  swatch 2  swatch 3
swatch 4  swatch 5